Instructions & Templates

For best results of the JetMaster Display System, be sure to take advantage of our downloadable Instruction Sheets and our easy-to-use Templates. Also, watch our step-by-step video instructions under the “See how it works” tab.

Suggested Media

The best type of media to use with the JetMaster Display System is one that is flexible and easy to wrap. Media that is too stiff may lift off the adhesive after wrapping or cause the JetMaster to pull apart. We recommend the following:

  • JetMaster Paper (JMD-20 and JMD-21), 200 gsm
  • Canvas < 400 gsm
  • Photo Paper < 200 gsm (Note: Photo papers up to 240 gsm have been used successfully, please test your brand prior to use)
  • Matte Papers < 200 gsm
  • Laser/Digital Papers < 200 gsm (< 55# Bond, < 76# Cover, <140 # Text)
  • Other Media: Please test prior to use. Check for initial adhesion to board and also for popping of adhesive over time.

Data & Instruction Sheets

JetMaster Direct Print Instruction Sheet (.pdf)
JetMaster Photo Panel Instruction Sheet (.pdf)
JetMaster Wall Mounted Instruction Sheet (.pdf)
JetMaster Free Standing Frames Instruction Sheet (.pdf)
Italian JetMaster Data & Instruction Sheet (.pdf)
French JetMaster Data & Instruction Sheet (.pdf)


5×5″ Template (.psd)
5×7.5″ Template (.psd)
8×8″ Template (.psd)
8×12″ Template (.psd)
12×16″ Template (.psd)
16×20″ Template (.psd)
8.5×11″ Template (.psd)
A3+ (13×19″) Template (.psd)
A4 Template (.psd)

8.5×11″ Microsoft Word Instructions (.pdf)

Tips & Tricks

Canvas and Paper Storage
The 8.5×11” JetMaster Kit ships with 2 pieces of gloss canvas. Please keep this canvas in the original packaging until you are ready to print to avoid contamination and curling of the media. This is true for all inkjet papers and canvases.