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Display Resin Coated Photo Prints in Minimalist Style

JetMaster Acrylic Image Displays

JetMaster Acrylic panels are fully transparent acrylic plates coated with adhesive. Each size is supplied with a bevelled edge and stylish matching desk stand. Developed specifically for use with resin coated papers, JetMaster Acrylic is the ideal gift which can be made at home or in store.

Supplied in packs of ten, each acrylic panel features a transparent release liner on the front and a paper protector on the face. Images are mounted face down on the reverse of the acrylic plate. This ensures that your print is fully protected whilst still showcasing every detail.

Developed to be part of a production workflow, you can make multiple displays with just a few simple tools. Available to purchase from Innova Art, the manufacturer of JetMaster Image Display Systems, each of these tools can be used for every size of JetMaster Acrylic panel.

Download JetMaster Metal Data Sheet

Download PDF
Download PDF

To make an acrylic display, you will need:

  • 1x JetMaster Alignment Frame
  • 1x JetMaster Squeegee
  • 1x JetMaster Spacer (for use with JetMaster Alignment frame)
  • 1x JetMaster Cutting Mat
  • 1x JetMaster Rotary Cutter
  • 1x JetMaster Acrylic in one of the below sizes, all supplied with bevelled edge and matching desk stand:
    • 4×6” (10x15cm)
    • 5×5” (12x12cm)
    • 5×7” (12x17cm)
    • 6×8” (15x20cm)
    • 8×10” (20x25cm)
    • 8×12” (20x30cm)
  • 1x Print on resin coated photo paper, sized appropriately

JetMaster Acrylic looks great when used with Olmec resin coated photo papers, available from Innova Art

Olmec from Innova Art
Olmec from Innova Art