Design – Print – Display

Frame-free simplicity for UV printers

Looking for an innovative frame-free display solution at an affordable price and a quick turnaround guaranteed?

Look no further than the JetMaster Direct Print Photo Panel: it’s as easy as design – print – display.

The 1” thick JetMaster Photo Panel is lightweight and robust. Finished with a beautiful black matte trim edge, it’s available in a wide range of sizes.

The JetMaster Direct Print Photo Panel is fully compatible with both hybrid and flatbed UV printers.

The bright white surface means there is no need to underprint your design with white ink – simply print and display direct from the printer.

Suitable for a variety of applications including: home or office décor, permanent interior signage and high impact advertising. The tough UV ink surface means that the JetMaster Direct Print Photo Panel will withstand every indoor environment.

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How it Works

It’s simplicity itself…

  • Choose the size of panel you want to use.
  • Format your artwork to the correct size.
  • Send the job to print.
  • Insert the desk stand provided with small panels or hang using the pre drilled holes.
  • And it’s ready to go: the perfect frame-free panel display.

More information available in the JetMaster Direct Print Photo Panel product information sheet, includes specific printer compatibility

Download PDF
Download PDF



  • Stylish frame-free mount
  • Stunning black edge finish
  • Sturdy, lightweight 1” thick panel
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes on back
  • Wide range of sizes

Available sizes

  • 8×10”
  • 16×20”
  • 18×24”
  • 24×36”

JetMaster Direct Print Photo Panel: Just send to print

Where to Buy
Where to Buy