JetMaster Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper

Designed specifically for use with rigid substrates and developed in conjunction with JetMaster Metal. JetMaster Dye-Sublimation Paper 190gsm is ideal for creating fine art photographic quality image transfers.

Developed Specifically for Sublimating Fine Art and Photographic Images onto Rigid Substrates

Knowing the requirements of international photographers and fine artists this dye sublimation paper has been designed with quality in mind. Unlike many papers on the market, it has been developed specifically for use in the sublimation of fine art photographic rigid substrates. Combined with the JetMaster Metal plate, the resulting output is a high impact, high gloss image display.

The heavy 190gsm weight ensures that a high ink load can be applied to the surface without cockling. This in turn means that the maximum amount of pigment is sublimated into the surface of your metal plate. The sheet stays flat for full contact during transfer, creating a wide colour gamut and high black density in the finished metal plate. 

High dimensional stability ensures that the surface of the JetMaster Dye-Sublimation Paper 190gsm retains its shape when exposed to heat. It does not shrink or warp so your images are sublimated all the way to the edge of your metal plate.


  • Designed for rigid fine art photographic substrates
  • High ink load capacity
  • High release for excellent colour gamut
  • Capable of reproducing sharp details and high contrast
  • High dimension stability
  • Outstanding lay flat ability and no wet cockling
  • Excellent ink dry capability

Download JetMaster Dye Sublimation Paper 190gsm Data Sheet

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Download PDF